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Outplacement Services

Transitions Team has been providing Outplacement/Career Transition Services for over 30 years. Our success rate is 100%. That is, every single individual to whom we have provided service has been placed. The average placement time is less than 2 months for Staff Support employees, less than 4 months for Managers and Professionals and less than 8 months for Directors and Executives. Even more significant is the fact that over 90% of our clients accept an offer compensating them more than they were earning previously.

We offer to meet with clients and their spouses/partners to provide emotional support, describe the services to be provided and give counsel on how spouses/partners can be supportive of job search efforts.

Our services promote a proactive approach to assist each client to identify his or her ideal job at this point in their career and then secure it. We customize our services to address the specific needs and objectives of each and every client. The service is unlimited so there is no clock ticking.