Leadership Development & Coaching


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​​Executives and other employees learn theories and some application in business schools, but on the job is different.  And even the most experienced executives might need one-on-one assistance from time to time.

For executives, this help could be on how to be a better leader, communicator, or delegator, gain a bigger market share, how to open new markets for their companies or how to make better use of their time.  This help could also be for an executive who needs to improve a skill or overcome an issue.

For managers, professionals, supervisors or other employees, this help could be how to succeed in their new role, how to organize themselves to accomplish their most important tasks, how to better lead their team to achieve the highest performance possible, how to better communicate or relate to other employees or how to improve a skill or overcome an issue.

There are various scenarios where executive coaching can be effective:

Developmental Coaching of high potential executives

New Leader Coaching for executives, managers and supervisors

Group Coaching for High Potential Leaders

 Performance Coaching to modify counterproductive behaviors

Career Exploration for executives who are wanting a change