Transitions Team would like to assist you to find, hire, develop and retain top talent at every level of your organization.  The services listed below will assist you.  For more information, click on the appropriate button on the drop down menu.

Right Fit Assessment:  Put the right person in the right job to increase your profits and organizational effectiveness and decrease your problems!  When making a decision about an important hire, promotion or new assignment, Right Fit Assessment can insure a significantly higher rate of success for the candidate in the position.  For instance, will the candidate be a good fit for a leadership role?

Leadership Development and Coaching:  For executives, managers, professionals, supervisors or other employees, coaching could be how to succeed in their new role, how to organize themselves to accomplish their most important tasks, how to better lead their team to achieve the highest performance possible, how to better communicate or relate to other employees or how to improve a skill or overcome an issue.

Facilitative Mediation:  Facilitative Mediation is an internal service to assist employees, groups, or departments to solve a problem, difference, dispute or issue.  Surveys indicate that the time first-line managers spend on conflict comprises up to 40% of his or her time.   While there is no way to fully translate this conflict into hard and fast dollars, it is clear that reduced morale, high turnover, lost productivity and errors associated with conflict are very costly.

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